Northern Lights Car Club of Hugo: How it Began…

A few local car buffs – Lee Carlson, Tony Larson, and Joe Wolkerstorfer; attended   “Back to the 50’s” in 1985.   They found they didn’t know anybody there.   They observed many of car owners in “groups” partying, and they concluded they could start their own group to return to the show the next year.     

The intent of the Car Club was to share ideas about building street rods, what parts they used, how they crafted their “pride and joy”, meet new friends, and enjoy “cruising” together.

They shared their idea to form a car club with others and grew to   20 to 25 “members” in a few months. The meetings were held at the Blacksmith Lounge in Hugo, thanks to the unending loyal support from George Reus, Blacksmith’s owner.

Membership grew to 125 Members and overflowed the meeting room at the blacksmith. In 2004 the members voted to “freeze” the membership at 100 members.   Once membership dropped to below 100, applications were accepted again. The Club sponsors an Annual Car Show the third Sunday in September.  The first car show was at the Blacksmith Lounge in 1986, attracted about 50 cars.   It has grown annually to the largest show in 2005 with 815 cars.  Now it can accommodate approximately 900+ cars.